Making Beefcake Austin Nut Twice

Making Beefcake Austin nut twice is the perfect way to initiate this 2020! This handsome young Beefcake construction worker traveled 24 hours in a bus all the way from Mississippi to BeefCakeHunter Land just in time for the holidays to make some good extra bucks and start this new year with the right foot!

He arrived at the BCH Headquarters late at night on a Friday. He looked very tired and a little uneasy, so of course I offered him a warm shower and something to drink. I got something to drink myself as well, after all it was Friday night!

During our chat I was able to make him smile a couple of times and I thought how he was relaxing little by little until the moment I got on my knees in front of his manhood. Then, I felt a little bit of tension again, but it went away when I joked about his cock being bigger than six inches! Which is true, it happens to be a delicious suckable seven and a half inches tool!

His breathing got intense as I was caressing his sexy body, by the moment I took his pants down, his dick was hard and ready to be enjoyed. With his underwear still on I sucked him a little and then some more. When he closed his eyes at moments, I knew I was going in the right direction.

Little did I know I was on my way to Making Beefcake Austin nut twice, because the more intense I got, the more I brought him to the edge. You guys may be able to see in his face what was about to happen but remember that my view at the moment is different. So, when I heard he was about to cum, I practically begged him not to, but it was too late! Fortunately, he assured me that he was going to nut again, while I was licking the protein out his cock.

We have to see things in a positive light, so it was the perfect opportunity to service a more relaxed and comfortable Beefcake Austin, and he was right, he was able to get into the zone again and when the time arrived, he gave us an even better cum-shot than the first one!

I hope you guys enjoy this Making Beefcake Austin nut twice video.